Hi There I,m

Benjamin Okokoh E (MIEEE)

Co-Founder @ Ogwugo & Ugarsoft | Functional Programmer
| Blockchain Dev. | Data Scientist | Speaker | Internet Consultant & Trainer.

About Okokoh Benjamin

A functional programmer from first principle, System Engineer, Internet Consultant/Trainer and Backend Developer. Ekuma have programming experience of over 15 years, fully engaged in Logic & data Security. He is very passionate about Internet of Things, Blockchain, JavaScript and Travels. He has in previous years worked on embedded system designs and implementation of e-commerce system on web and mobile. He holds Bachelor of Engineering (Electronic/Computer) From University of Nigeria. he is currently Reacting Natively.

I am personally proficient in Dev Opss, holding about 18 years of experience in IT industry in the software development life cycle involving Architect, Tech Lead, Analysis, Design, coding, testing and implementation of logics.

My Skills
Javascript/Node JS
My Academic Qualification
Bachelor of Engineering(B.Eng.)

Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering

University of Nigeria


Binary Hills is an integrated Startup Ecosystem for Tech Entrepreneurs that provides the neededplatform for: building and developing top technology talents to create smart products with speed;incubating and accelerating the growth process of Startups to create high impact ventures.

Designation : Chief Software Engineer
Duration : May 2018-Present

Ogwugo is an Online market platform that connect buyers, sellers and e-commerce apps for ease online buying experience. We, at Ogwugo.com, are no different from our clients - we too would like the service or product that we buy online to be exactly as described, so that we won't need to spend additional time or money in order to make it right. That is the reason why we took the decision to establish trusted product policy on our online market place, so that we could provide the service that we ourselves would like to use. Is that all you need?

Designation : Chief Software Engineer
Duration : August 2016-Present

Ugarsoft is a leading ICT consulting firm in Nigeria. We are known for our ability to understand the different business needs of our corporate and private clients, as well as our ability to integrate IT and communications technologies to offer real solutions to these needs. The quality and commitment of our ICT team is our company’s main strength

Designation : Director of Software Development
Duration : Jan 2016-Present

An amazing Taxi hailing app; Software Research, Engineering, Design and Implementation. We built OMA with you in mind. We believe you deserve a reliable and top rated driver anytime you need a ride. OMA respect and treat drivers better. OMA drivers respect and treat you better. OMA is now the most reliable and affordable way to move around the city. With OMA, you are sure to get a reliable & safe ride anytime and anywhere in cities where we operate.

Designation : Software Architect
Duration : Sep 2018-Present
My Projects
  • EkumaJS [IoT]

    Jul 2017 - Present

    There will be no more front end hacking of our web/mobile/PWA apps. Security is assured by the watch validator of all request starting from cross site request forgery to minified injection of dangerous variable. EkumaJS works understand the architecture of your favourite Javascript frameworks(Node,Angular, Jquery, Ui) and her sole responsibility is to keep you safe from bad ass hackers.

  • Ogwugo [e-market]

    May 2017 – Present

    Ogwugo is Enugu e-marketplace. With the design to grow beyond imaginable. Ogwugo will collaborate with her users in making shopping real fun as the services of machine learning, Artificial Intelligence is Applied. Powered with MariaDB database for stores' products, and the Progressive Web App method for mobile devices. The knowledge base is developed on Python3 with a team of Ogwugo Developers. Now, how is Ai going to make shopping fun?

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  • Wicrypt [blockchain]


    Wicrypt is an app that allows its users to get paid while sharing their WiFi. It leverages the blockchain and allows users to receive payments per kilobyte

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  • CryptoBarons [blockchain]


    CryptoBarons is a hybrid multiplayer strategy/role playing game. Players can buy game assets and resources such as workers, armies, gold mines, farms etc., build your kingdom, mine gold and train armies. Battle with other kingdoms and get amazing treasures such as magic potions and gain some of their resources. Lose battles and you'll pay a price to resurrect your fallen armies. The main catch here is that players can get rich playing this game, by purchase sales of games assets, or receiving commission on transactions.

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  • Cloud School

    May 2015

    CloudSchool is an online University: thats all! this is not a joke, machine learning is implemented here, cloudSchool starts from admission procession through collection of Degree Certificate online. Aha, now a university can run on the web. accessible view any device ==>> mobile, laptop, andrap apps, ios apps. You can say to me what is the thing that CloudSchool cannot do, I will tell you "Nothing". It is modeled with University of Nigeria. It is the Nigeria University Learning Management System, not just what they call LMS, no not that, its an online university.

    1. Automated backups
    2. Maximum security of data
    3. School Market
    4. Library and CBT
    5. Any other things
  • iUNN [android]

    Jan 2015

    The iUNN is a university mobile app on cross platform. It give you info about the University of Nigeria(Courses, lecturers, Buildings, News/Events, Library etc) and Most especially, students enjoy the fact that they can call their friends free on the app using WIFI. IONIC CORDOVA Cross Platform Social Network App for students that also enable internet peer to peer video call on internet. Implemented with NodeJs

  • 5ability

    Aug 2013

    How it works ?

    1. Sellers think and discover what services they can offer for $5. They create the jobz and share it on social networks.
    2. Buyers browse through the jobz and order according to their need by paying to 5Ability via Payza or Scratch cards.
    3. Seller deliver the jobz and Buyer sees and accepts it, commenting and rating the seller good or bad or rather best!
    4. 5Ability keeps $1 and pay Seller $4 for each jobz delivered. This payment is always fast and matures in a week.
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  • Ifihear SMS


    If i Hear! SMS is a leading mobile messaging platform. We developed our own SMPP and SMS Gateway that is why we guaranteed delivery here in which customer satisfaction is our first goal.(we can drop our meal to satisfy you, even when others sleep) Our innovative team of programmers are constantly developing mobile messaging platforms & solutions for companies and organizations as GSM penetration in Africa has become the major tool for information dissemination. We cover all network in the world except one!

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Contact me
Bethel Plaza, 36 garden Avenue, GRA Enugu Nigeria
+234 8066-4245-12
ifihear [at] gmail.com